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Getting Political

Amy Leibowitz current events lgbtqia books politics queer publisher representation writing

Happy New Year! 2017 was a heck of a ride. Here's hoping 2018 sees some improvements.

On that front, let's talk politics. No, not so much about the current state of the US government but on a more everyday level. How much is too much to incorporate into a novel? How do authors (and readers) balance political views with the books we write (and consume)?

There are no easy answers, and it obviously varies from person to person. Some people will say that books are an escape and no...

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Holiday traditions

Amy Leibowitz holiday lgbtqia books recommended reading

In keeping with this month's holiday theme, let's talk about traditions. I want to start by recognizing that this is a difficult time for many people for a number of reasons. Practice good self-care, including not reading this, as you need and are able.

Some traditions are carried over into adulthood from when we were children. Others are made when we build new families, by marriage, birth, friendships, or other means. There are times when they're simply a happy accident.

In my family, we celebrate multiple holidays because of...

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Escaping into a good book

Amy Leibowitz lesbian books lesbian fiction lgbtqia books recommended reading representation wlw books women women who love women

It's December already. This month can be hard for a lot of people. Between the increasing darkness, the cold, and the various stresses of the holiday season, it's a tough time for many.

I can't speak for others, and I'm the last person to offer advice on how to get through this time because it's different for everyone. But one thing that helps me is having a good stack of stuff to read.

Books have been my escape, and the characters inside have been my friends, for as many...

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Author Spotlight: A.M. Leibowitz

Amy Leibowitz a m leibowitz interview lgbtqia books

It's a little odd to be "interviewing" myself, but I can hardly ask my colleagues to answer questions if I'm not willing, right? So here it is. And if you'd like to check out my new release, Keeping the Faith, I'd be delighted.

Which author(s) have inspired your writing? In what ways?

My favorite author is Elizabeth Berg. I love the way she writes about family and relationships and the expert way her characters grow. I often feel like...

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This month's theme: Sensitive content

Amy Leibowitz lgbtqia books sensitivity

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you read or hear the words "sensitive content"?

For me, it's growing up in an era in which that was sometimes how adults labeled things they thought were "not for children." Ironically, sometimes those things were literally about children, such as family issues like abuse and addiction.

As an adult and an author, I tend to think of sensitive as referring to things that may be emotionally heavy for readers. I try to make sure I indicate when content may...

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